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Speaking as someone who titles her chapters, why do you dislike them?

I take care that they don't spoil anything, and most of them can only be completely understood in retrospect. But the reader can choose to ignore them, and that's fine, too.
They remind me I'm reading a book. Same with epigraphs. I do skip them and get to the actual chapter, but they still register a tiny bit.

As a writer, I never found them necessary. On a short story, a title is a must. Same with a novel. On a chapter, it feels like putting a title card before every scene in a film. The commentary isn't worth the loss of flow from one scene to the next.

Personally, I've never read a chapter, looked back at the title, and thought "ah how clever." I've also never looked at a chapter title and thought "oh cool, I bet this chapter is good." Once I'm with a book for the long haul, all I care about is the narrative.