I have a feeling the answer is obvious, so I apologize in advance--I promise I did some homework before posting. Politics just...escapes me.

In my story, the President is killed in the first chapter, which is already near the end of his term. A major arc of the overall story from there on out involves two candidates, Darien and Ashlyn, in a ruthless race for presidency.

Now, of course, the vice would take the reigns until the elections. However, I don't want the vice to me some random person that's just there to make things politically accurate. In the interest of keeping the cast volume as low as possible, I wanted to fuse the two characters by making Darien the vice president, too.

He isn't a very nice person, and his assholery is supposed to ignite the political environment--I think the conflict would surge to the max if he was given the seat and started abusing the power.

It is critical, though, that he runs against Ashlyn in this race.

But, he wasn't nominated at his party's national convention...I mean, I could make it so that would happen in a sentence or two, but is that realistic? Could he be eligible? Wouldn't he be too busy with his other governmental duties?

If my wikipedia'ing is correct, the call for nomination goes out 18 months in advance of the election, so if Darien is to run, he would have to express that desire 2.5 years into his vice-presidency, right?

I hope I was clear, thanks in advance!