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Thread: Green Shore Publishing

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    Green Shore Publishing

    Wow, these people certainly aren't lacking in the self-confidence department!


    The UK and Ireland's New Standard In Book Publishing

    Thank you for visiting us at Green Shore Publishing.
    Here at our headquarters in London, we have established ourselves as the best option for success in the European book publishing market.
    Where are their headquarters?

    86-90 Paul Street, London, UK EC2A 4NE
    It may sound prestigious but actually it's a £20 per month "virtual office":

    Anyway, back to GSP's website.

    Book sales are very competitive here in the UK and Ireland, but our books keep succeeding.
    Which books? How does GSP measure success?

    Through our partnerships with Waterstones, Easons, WHSmith’s and many others, when you publish with us, your book is guaranteed to be available all over the UK as well as the rest of the world.
    Partnership≠your book will be on their websites.

    If you’re interested in working with us, we’re always looking for new books to publish, no matter what the genre.

    So what does GSP offer?


    With Green Shore Publishing, your book will undergo a transformation, which can’t be found anywhere else in the industry. Not only will your book be comprehensively edited, formatted and designed, but it will be printed and distributed with the highest standards of quality in mind. Below we’ve included some of the high quality covers from several of our recent releases. You have our word that your book will be produced with the same level of detail and professionalism.
    The three covers illustrated are absolutely typical of vanity/self-pubbed books - a minimally computer-savvy kid could have created all three of them in less than an hour. Bizarrely, a Google search failed to find a single reference to any of these books:

    The Valley Rose by Candice Peoples (the unfortunate fancy font/dark background combo screams "unprofessional"). A Google search for Candice Peoples turned up three women; if any of them wrote this book or any other they're keeping quiet about it.

    Blue Daylight by April Summers

    The West Devon Mysteries by J M Harkin (this image is "the road in the woods", available as a free download here: The only books by J M Harkin I could find are science textbooks.


    Here at Green Shore Publishing, we’re always on the cutting edge of promotion. Not only will be pushing our retail partners to feature your book, but we’ll be introducing your book to potential readers in many other ways. We offer radio ads, which have proven to drive up sales. These can be aired in your local area or nationwide, depending on what you prefer. We’re also one of the only company in the UK to offer book trailers, promoting you and your book to viewers on Youtube and even local television. This is all of course in addition to get your book into the hands of people in the media, who we have been working with for years.
    (My bolding - GSP has been in business for years, apparently.)

    Firstly, I hope the person who wrote that isn't one of the company's editors. Secondly, AFAIK radio ads and book trailers are unlikely to sell books by unknown authors. We're even given examples of two radio ads "that have recently aired".

    *listens to ads*

    Well, after hearing an American actor sing the praises of Tim Clark's The Last Stand and Marilyn Crenshaw's The Heart Grows Fonder I'm completely baffled. If anyone out there can trace these books, which must already have been released if they've been advertised on radio, their Google-fu is better than mine.

    But wait, there's a "Reviews" page! Someone, somewhere, has managed to find and read a GSP book!

    From Authors

    We've included a few video testimonials from UK authors. More to come in the days ahead!
    Ah...testimonials in the form of YouTube videos. Jack, Clive and Richard are all delighted with GSP, but they threw away an opportunity to publicize their books by failing to mention the titles. Or show us the books. Or tell us their surnames. Which was a shame, because Richard was justifiably proud of seeing his book on the shelf at Waterstones!

    I hardly need add that GSP is a vanity press. Their four packages range from £300 to "The Ultimate Chance at Success" at £1500. Here's what you get for the most expensive one:

    Comprehensive Editing and Proofreading
    Signing Event (If Requested)
    Full Cover Design
    Distribution through Waterstones, WHSmith's and Amazon UK
    All Printing and Distribution (International and Within the UK and Ireland)
    Layout/Internal Design
    70% of Book Royalties
    Paperback, Hardcover and Ebook Publication
    25 Copies (50% Discount on Further Copies)
    UK & Ireland Based Promotions
    Extensive Press Release Campaign
    Online Reviews
    Book Trailer Creation
    Youtube Advertising Campaign
    Three Guaranteed Media Interviews
    Dedicated Website Creation and Publication
    Audio Book Creation
    Advertising Campaign (Guaranteed to Reach One Million Potential Readers)

    I was unable to find any information about who owns GSP, although the company's name and references to the Irish bookshop chain Easons indicates a connection with the Emerald Isle. If they've been working with media people "for years" they should have left a sizeable internet footprint, but it's as if the company appeared out of the blue.
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