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Through manipulation. Their “authority” is not of a political or economic nature, but rather a psychological one. The one with the actual worldly authority, who is one of the two protagonists, derives it from her special powers, which may as well make her a goddess. In fact, the villain only exsists because Alice (the aforementioned protagonist) created her and the rest of the monsters with her powers, and as a result if she wanted to she could end their entire exsistence on a whim. However, she is also in an extremely fragile and easy to manipulate mental stat when she creates the monsters, and is already pretty prone to being taken advantage of when in a healthier state of mind. So to preserve her own life and that of her fellow monsters, Nyako both shows kindness to Alice, but also feeds her constant lies about her family, her powers, and the world in general, and uses her own negative self-image and guilt against her. Alice may be stronger than Nyako in terms of supernatural power, however, the little cat-monster none the less is the dominant one in their relationship due to her manipulations, to the point Alice has no clue how strong she actually is or how desperately her older sister (the other protagonist) is fighting to save her. (And all of reality in the process)

What does your villain think of nihilism?
She is very against it, as all her motivations have to do with the greater good of spellcasters. Everything reprehensible thing she does is because she thinks it will protect/save them and that is what gives her work meaning. Other villain is the same: their motivations are highly based in religious principles and the idea of cleansing the sin of magic so.

Does your villain have anyone close to them who knows they're a villain and supports them? (Not just minions)