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Thread: Game: How well do you know your Main Villain?

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    Yes for both of them. “Kitty” fears both having to face her responsibilities, and also suffered through an extremely traumatic incident in her youth where she awoke her powers and had no control over them. That incident, known as the “breakdown incident,” or “breakdown hazzard” caused a large swath of land to become a place where reality simply dosen’t function as it should and is fractured and warped. Said incident also created monsters known as “breakdown horrors” that still plague the world. Needless to say she has repressed much of those memories, but it is a well known fact that she inadvertently slaughtered millions, and is feared by the public as a effectively a walking nuke, bearing the title of “genocide maiden.” Her story is used as a cautionary tale to young ESPers about ththe importance of controlling and restraining their powers, and she is something of an urban legend/scary story in the flesh, at least in the eyes of the lower classes that live far removed from her and the wealthy people that have the privilege of accessing her.

    As a result, she fears what she is, and what she could be, yet part of her just wants to go “fuck it” and be the monster everybody says she is. However, her fear of what she could do thankfully holds her back.

    As for “Masquerade”, he fears defeat above all else. He is risking everything he holds dear to achieve his goal, and he came from a place where failure and weakness meant death.

    What, if any, of the seven heavenly virtues does your villain embody or possess?
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