I had my first tatt at 16, which was very naughty of me. It's a little sun on my lower abdomen. First problem: I was very skinny at 16, and though I'm not a great deal bigger now, my shape has changed a little. If I ever get pregnant, it will change even more. At 16, we lack foresight.

My second tatt was at 18 and I still love it. I'm fortunate enough to still have the same interests as I did then, so a Moogle on my shoulder is not embarrassing to me. But again, treading carefully is recommended. We change a lot!

My best, most carefully thought-out tattoos were from 25 onwards. An ice goddess on my calf, a maneki neko half-sleeve and, currently in progress, a Spirited Away three-quarter sleeve. All are hideable, should I ever get a job in which tattoos are not permitted (which is why I'd always steer clear of wrist, forearm, neck, feet and ankle tatts unless you know you're going to end up in a profession where these things don't matter.)

Tattoo prejudice is stupid, but it exists.