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Thread: Cyrovolcanos

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    So I am working on an idea for a new short story and it has led me to researching cryovolcanos. I have been reading quit a bit about what is theorized about them. I don't think we have observed one directly but have found evidence that they exist on say Saturn's Moon Titan.

    But there is still something that I haven't quit figured out fr sure and I would love some help if anyone has any ideas.

    Firstly, even though Cryovolcanos doesn't erupt molten rock, I am still assuming that some amount of heat must be involved. I have read that scientists believe that the heat generated is caused by Tidal Friction but might also be caused by deposits of translucent materials creating a small Greenhouse effect under the ice.

    But my question is, exactly how hot would a cryovolcano be? We know it must be hot enough to melt ice but that really isn't telling me much. I am wondering if humans could build a habitat in a cyrovolcano on one of these cold worlds and it produce enough heat to keep them warm? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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