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Thread: The 2014 AW erotica writers blog hop discussion-UPDATED!

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    The 2014 AW erotica writers blog hop discussion-UPDATED!


    Those of you who are participating in this years blog hop:

    Please private message me with confirmation that you will be participating by the 23rd. If you haven't received the questions sheet, I can email it to you if you also provide a working email address in your confirmation message.

    Thank you!


    Here are the confirmed dates for next week. Apologies for the lateness on this. Please contact your interviewee for their questions NOW! I will add the next section as soon as I get confirmation from everyone else. We have had some drop out unfortunately.

    Eg. on this date/this blog/will feature this author

    Week 1

    June 23 c.m.n. interviewing elindsen:

    June 24 elindsen interviewing veinglory:

    June 25 veinglory interviewing Beachgirl:

    June 26 Beachgirl interviewing Zoe X. Rider:

    June 27 Zoe X. Rider interviewing Evelyn:

    June 28 Evelyn interviewing Filigree

    June 29 Filigree interviewing oldbrasscat

    Week 2

    June 30 oldbrasscat interviewing Kimjo

    July 01 Kimjo interviewing Kimber

    July 02 Kimber interviewing A.P.M

    July 03 A.P.M. interviewing MsLaylaCakes

    July 04 MsLaylaCakes interviewing slashedkaze

    July 05 slashedkaze interviewing Evelyn Aster

    July 06 Evelyn Aster interviewing Misa Buckley

    July 07 Misa Buckley interviewing c.m.n.

    Also, for sake of crazies and since this hop has gone a little wonky, I believe running a giveaway on our own blogs would be best instead of Rafflecopter. Please run your giveaway from the time you post to the end of the blog hop, or around 3-5 days after if you are one of the last posters. You may giveaway any of the prizes you announced here, that's fine.

    We'll advertise the best we can via Facebook, Twitter, AW, Goodreads, any other forum/website that allows advertisement. During the blog hop, update this thread with your post and prize giveaway so it's easier for everyone to advertise what's going on.

    If you've never hosted a giveaway, blog hosted giveaways go a little something like this: People will comment on your post, leaving their email address. At the end of the giveaway, draw from a hat, or there are websites that draw numbers, a winner(s) for the prize(s).
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