I did a quick search for this and didn't find anything. I hope this isn't rehashing an old conversation or in the wrong place.

I've been writing novels for a few years and it was one of the first things my boyfriend learned about me. We've known each other for a few years and every once in awhile he'll ask me if he can read some of my work, especially if I tell him about a milestone or simply that I'm in a good mood because I wrote 2k words that day.

I always make up excuses for not really sharing anything with him. I'm afraid that he's biased (which I'm sure he is), and that his opinion -- whether good or bad -- will color my perception of him and our relationship. But I'm also reminded of something Stephen King said in On Writing where he stated that his wife is his Ideal Reader and that she's always the first person to read his work. I still have mixed feelings about it.

So do you share your work -- in any stage -- with your significant other? Why, or why not?