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Thread: Interesting trends in novel titles.

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    Interesting trends in novel titles.

    I've noticed this more and more over the last few weeks. This is the format:

    The (noun, or adjective and noun) of (First Name, Last Name).

    For instance:

    The Legacy of Elizabeth Pringle
    The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harald Fry
    The Enlightenment of Nina Finlay
    The Lives of Stella Bain
    The Perpetual Astonishment of Benjamin Fairfax
    The Private Lives of Pippa Lee

    I picked up all these titles in just a few Amazon clicks. They are all in the bestseller lists for Women's Literary Fiction.

    Funnily enough, my next book is exactly in this format; so seems like a good choice:

    The Small Fortune of Dorothea Quint.
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