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Thread: Guidelines for Participation in Outwitting Writer's Block

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    Guidelines for Participation in Outwitting Writer's Block


    From the American Heritage Dictionary:
    Quote Originally Posted by AHD
    writer's block
    A usually temporary psychological inability to begin or continue work on a piece of writing.

    The forum description of Outwitting Writer's Block notes:
    Quote Originally Posted by Forum description
    Writer's block is a reality for many writers. This is a place to discuss methods of coping with writer’s block.
    • This isn’t the place to discuss the existence of writer's block. The basic operating assumption is that it does exist for many writers.
    • This is a place to discuss methods of coping, outwitting, or circumventing writer's block.

    While you may not have experienced writer's block yourself, it is nonetheless unkind, unhelpful and potentially harmful to doubt or dismiss the difficulties of other writers. Don’t do that here. If you do, you won't receive a warning or a second chance; I’ll remove your access to Outwitting Writer's Block, at the very least.

    This is a forum about coping with writer's block, with the goal of getting back to writing.
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