Hi everyone!
I am pretty new here. I am super excited that I am going to be publishing to Kindle e-books, and on Createspace. It is a science fiction book that is dystopian with a little romance. Ever since I finished it I have been searching and searching for the right fit for the book cover. It is so important to me.
I have a vision of an art science fiction cover in a style similar to these:
The realistic art of people, beautiful fantasy colors...
However I have been contacting all sorts of artists that do digital art work such as this and I have gotten such stiff prices they make me want to cry.
I understand that I am not going to find it for free, but I have set aside a budget for a professional editor, and set aside a budget of about $300 for a professional book cover... and barely scraping by doing that. The quotes they've been giving me are from 1200 to upwards of 3000 for a book cover.
Am I just dreaming here thinking that I am going to get a digital art cover? : / I had such a clear picture of how it would look in my head! Can anyone help me with the costs and realities of this, as well as if the digital art fantasy world is all about this price?