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The good news is that this can heal if one finds the right "cure"...every case is so different I guess.

I stopped having frightening panic attacks in certain situations, after being given a strategy by a cognitive psychologist...but it was some time before I had to fly again (and despite no fear of flying, I had sometimes had inexplicable panic attacks on flights, almost a feeling of claustrophobia). But as it happens I have since flown a lot, sometimes long-haul, and I really enjoy it. In fact, just going to an airport to pick someone up makes me get a kind of "rush", that I simply want to get on a plane and go somewhere.

Just saying, don't ever give up hope...it's like finding the "key" that works for you as an individual. If that makes sense.
I'm trying not to give up. Kind of difficult when all you do fails and you keep running into that figurative brick wall.