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Thread: W1S1 Recommended Reading List

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    W1S1 Recommended Reading List

    Following on from the posts about inspiration and goal setting, I'm wondering if it would be worth having a thread about writing-related books that people have found inspiring? Maybe as a sticky at the top of the page or something? What do you think, Izz.

    I was thinking not just about instructional manuals (though they have their place too) but also writer's biographies and auto-biographies.

    Here are some that I've read lately that I've found either/both inspirational or useful. I'd love to hear other W1S1ers suggestions as my own writing routine involves always having one of these on the go alongside my fiction reading.

    Richard Laymon - A Writer's Tale
    (Incredibly rare but a pdf is online at scribd. Very insightful as he is a US writer that only posthumously became known in his home country but was big in the UK. Lots about the struggle to break through and perseverance etc). Not a fan of his by any means but the book stands alone as an interesting, slightly embittered, gem.

    Ray Bradbury - Zen and the Art of Writing
    A book that makes you love writing by a man who clearly loved writing. His prose is soaked in enthusiasm.

    Stephen Spignesi - Stephen King Encyclopedia
    Really thick tome that is available on amazon for reasonably cheap. Surprisingly interesting as it was written before Stephen King came to be accepted by more literary types and is mostly comprised of interviews with up and coming writers giving their take on King's popular success. Interesting for the lay of the writing land circa-1990. Plus occasionally interesting material for SK diehards.
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