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Thread: left in the cold by PA

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    Welcome cheridith! I'm a PA author with only about 8 months left on my seven-year "learning experience" with PublishAmerica / America Star Books.

    Regarding your sales and 1099s, I'm sorry to say there likely are no sales and therefore no 1099s or other documentation. Was the IRS penalty for earnings on your PA book? How did the IRS prove you sold copies? I'm not a tax expert or lawyer by any means, but that's the first time I've heard of that happening with a PA book.

    The 72 books you see for sale at other sites probably aren't there. Someone with more knowledge can correct me if (when) I'm wrong, but those third party sellers get the titles from a server and simply list the book. They order it from PA/ASB if an order comes in and pocket the difference between their price and PA's. They don't actually have paper copies of those books on the shelves. Since PA does not do print runs for distribution, there is no stock of printed books to buy from a distributor and no bookstore is going to order 72 copies of a POD title on the off chance they will sell them. Are "used" copies of your books selling for $90? That's pretty common from these third party sellers.

    Regarding the free pdfs of your book, my experiences with another publisher and knowing PA's modus operandi, it will likely be on you to send take down notices to any sites offering free downloads. Don't hold your breath on PA rising up in righteous indignation about it; they know full well that you are the only one they market your book to. They make negligible money selling to anyone but the authors so it's not worth their time. Illegal downloads probably don't touch their profits at all.

    I'm sorry you got roped into this, just as I did. I was not able to make PA's model work for me, and very few authors are. I don't know if your PA book is your first or only book out there. Although PA was the beginning of my publishing career, it was not the end of it because I chose for it not to be. I've not had runaway success since PA, but I'm continuing on by writing new and better books and learning new lessons as I go. I'm not sure what I'll do in October when my PA book comes back home to me. I don't have any great desire to rewrite and try again elsewhere with that book; my newer ones are far better.
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