I find it very shady they did not inform me of their new name, website ir contact info. Ive been sending people to the old site. No wonder everyone Ive sent thinks its out of business. This totally makes me look like a retard.
I also find it shady they have not updated me on 1099s or sales.
I feel totally ignored by them.
I also find it strange after a google search of my ISBNs, I find sites offerring my bk as a free pdf. Im still waiting on PAs email in that one.

I thank the member who createf this forum. I am learning lots.

feel free to comment. anyone else finding their PA books as free pdfs?

Does the old phone number still work?

fck lawsuits-anyone go to the irs or justice dept? federal trade commision?

Google search found seaveral physical copies. 72 at one place but i was told last ive no sales. In 2012 my taxes were penalized 1000$ because of bkincome---how can i report if im being told ive no sales?