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Thread: Ecanus Publishing

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    Hey, that's my bike! ghost's Avatar
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    Ecanus Publishing

    Someone on another forum just signed a ten book deal with them. No advance. Not sure of the whole contract offer, but I do know that they demanded 50% of any movie rights.

    Their blog is sketchy and offers misinformation. They offer the author 100% royalties on their self-published novels, but don't put any upfront costs.

    The more I read, the sketchier it gets.

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    Formerly Phantom of Krankor. Torgo's Avatar
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    It doesn't look good, does it. Covers are terrible. Web copy is naff and poorly-copyedited. They operate a self-publishing business too.

    The blog I didn't look at beyond noting that they'd entirely copy-pasted a news story, with attribution but doubtless without permission.

    I looked at how you buy a book from their website: they email a PDF to you. (???) No links to other retailers leaped out at me.

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    Mildly Disturbing Filigree's Avatar
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    Writer-bait, nothing less. I feel sorry for the person who signed with them.

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    Your Pixie Queen Kerosene's Avatar
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    Yep, sketchy, possibly writer bait.

    For a publisher stating, "Our goal is to establish ourselves as a leading independent publisher." they sure do skip every expense on website and cover design. Browsing through their listed books, the editing isn't too great--not unreadable--but there are mistakes any decent editor would catch. I would be surprised that they ask the author to edit their own work, or port them out to a "freelance" editor.

    Oh, and I have no idea what a "Self publishing gift voucher" is, but they state in the product description, "Give a gift voucher to that writer you know. It will be the first step to seeing their book published and selling globally. Each voucher is valid for one year from date of purchase and can be posted to you or sent in an email (pdf)." Does this mean they're a vanity press, even after all the heavy handed statements saying, "We will never ask money from any writer. We are not a vanity press." ? Is it me and I'm missing something, or are they contradicting themselves?

    I wouldn't touch them.
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    As of Oct. '15, under "new owner and management". Website's improved, at least.

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