Hey Guys,

It's been a while since I have posted...life happened :-)

My rights for my PA book were returned by official PA written notification on April 10, 2009. Fast forward to Christmas of 2012 when my cousin wanted to buy two copies of my book for her daughters and asked me to sign them as a special gift for the girls. I told her it was out of print. She went to Amazon and tried ordering two copies. To my surprise she received them! Of course I signed them as promised.

Apparently several other people bought copies as well because I received a royalty check in August. Another shocker!

The exact verbiage in my official letter from PA says "Your book has been pulled from the market today. No new copies will be printed by PublishAmerica or made available by PublishAmerica to individuals, wholesalers or retailers." They said I would be receiving my final royalty check. They also did mention that "retailers and wholesalers may continue to sell used copies as well as new copies that they had stocked prior to the termination" of my agreement with PA.

I think we all know that Amazon does not keep copies of PA books in stock. So how did my cousin (and whoever else) purchase new copies all these years later and why was a royalty check generated if PA no longer has the rights to publish my book? What exactly does "rights returned" mean if this is the case?

Thought I reach out to you guys and get your thoughts on this.