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Thread: My Insane Self-Publishing Adventure…

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    figuring it all out Grimball4's Avatar
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    Nov 2013
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    Talking My Insane Self-Publishing Adventure…

    Part 1

    Before 2013 I didn’t know anything about self-publishing, creating a website, posting a picture in a forum, let alone planning to write a book. I had always wanted to be an author, and have written several dozen short stories, and half completed scripts that sit on my hard drive. But I would lose confidence with anything long or on rewrites. Then comes 2013 and with 13 being my lucky number things suddenly changed.

    I get this incredible story idea I’m just dying to write, I come up with a different writing technique which overcomes my constant writer’s block, and I get laid off from my crappy job so I would have a lot of free time. Writing the novel full time becomes one of the happiest six months of my life. I actually complete it and the book turns out better than I could imagine. This excited enthusiasm then translated to my self-publishing effort, I just had to get the story out there.

    First off I created a blog that ties into the book without stating that it is a blog for a book. Learning web design through YouTube videos, I created a blog by one of the characters in my book. Next I shoot a trailer with my brother for the book, using all family members, and making it basically free. My book takes place on Halloween so I would publish it during September on Amazon Kindle.

    Right before the release date I posted in some related forums about a witch sighting. Complete with picture of a witch flying on a broom, something straight out of my novel. Then I said in the forums and blog that I would have video evidence about real monsters on Friday September 13th. Of course the video was the book trailer for the novel I published that Friday morning…

    To be continued…
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