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Thread: Do I need to register a new copyright for a revised edition of same title?

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    Do I need to register a new copyright for a revised edition of same title?

    I have several questions. I hope you can help. I am doing a revised edition of the book below through Amazon for Createspace and KDP. (Plus Nook, iBooks etc.)

    Here is the copyright info for our book from the US copyright office as follows
    Type of Work:Text
    Registration Number / Date:
    TX0005343357 / 2001-02-07
    Bread & butter / by Cindy Amrhein & Ellen Lea Bachorski.
    213 p.
    Copyright Claimant:
    Cindy Amrhein, 1957- & Ellen Lea Bachorski, 1959-
    Date of Creation:
    Date of Publication:

    NamesAmrhein, Cindy, 1957-

    Bachorski, Ellen Lea, 1959-

    The full title is actually Bread & Butter: The Murders of Polly Frisch. (I'm not sure how to correct that with them) It is an 1860s non-fiction true crime. It was self-published through Morris Publishing (off-set printer) and had no ISBN. It is on file with the Library of Congress.

    Do I need to apply for a new copyright or just put the new date after the old one? I'm changing punctuation, typos, and awkward sentences. I have a couple pages of new content. It will have a new cover too as we used Morris Publishing's stock art at the time.

    2) I purchased a block of ISBNs. Although I hear it's not necessary for ebooks, I still want to put one on the Kindle edition (aside from the POD of course). I understand that MOBI file is for Kindle, are the other readers universal or are they all different file types too? Do the ISBNs go by file type for eBooks?

    3) I have a Createspace user account. Do I need a separate one for KDP?

    Any guidance is much appreciated.


    (PS. The edition in my siggy is the first edition, 2nd printing.)
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