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Thread: Short eBook getting printed by publisher, Want to independently sell print version as well!

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    Short eBook getting printed by publisher, Want to independently sell print version as well!

    MISTAKE IN TITLE!!! SHOULD SAY: "Short eBook getting PUBLISHED by publisher, Want to independently sell print version as well!"

    Hey All,

    I have a non-exclusive book contract that I signed with a digital publisher for a short eBook. At this point, this publisher does not make print books at all. So I really really want to make and sell a PHYSICAL, print version of my short story/book to sell (probably just online).

    My short story is VERY short. About ~8,000 words (I know!). However, I produced and directed an elaborate photography series depicting scenes from the story with hired actors, props, costumes, the works. In total, there are 10 extra pages with HIGH QUALITY photos.

    Anyway, I looked into CreateSpace and was SHOCKED by how impossible it was to seemingly make any money with their print on demand! They said my book would cost $3.70 to make, and then I got a little confused, but I believe they said the minimum price would be $6.10, (which I feel is not a fair price for a 8,000 word story obviously, despite the elaborate photo series/artwork), and even at that high price, I would only make ONE PENNY profit for every sale through Amazon (??) then like $1.20 for every sale through CreateSpace(??). I got a little confused by the details, but at the end of the day, it just sounded like no a lucrative route.

    So I thought about perhaps ordering a bunch of copies of my little book in bulk.

    This is not an endorsement, but literally every time I googled it, the first thing to show up was "" which prints in China but has an office based in Illinois.

    I have no idea if PrintNinja is the best, but the prices were a lot more conducive to making a profit (duh). I could order 1,000 copies of my little book (which will be more like a little digest-sized magazine or even comic book since it's so short) in full color with every standard (saddle stitching), for about $1,275 in a 6-8 week turnaround. So that's $1.275 per book.

    For kicks, I plugged in how much it would cost for 20,000 (!!!) copies of my little print book, and the total was about $6,700 I believe. That's only $0.335 cents per book! If I sold all 20,000 at $3.99 each, my profit after expenses would be a whopping $80,000+!

    Now I know you think I've crazy for even entertaining the idea of selling 20,000 copies of a self-published little book by some unknown...but i dooo have a few tricks up my sleeve for marketing. For one, the Huffington Post wants to run the video trailer I made for my story. I also have a couple "mid-list" celebrity plugs in the works, a well researched email blast list, and a coupe articles coming out where I can plug my book in the byline. The main marketing asset I think is the video, however.

    Anyway, I've poured so much blood, sweat, and tears into this project and I am fortunate enough to be able to afford around that $6,700 at this point in my life. I know i sound crazy, but I believe so much in my project that even if it failed miserably and I was stuck with boxes of my story to give away, sell at flea markets or on the subway, or use as shingles for a house or something, I don't think I would regret it that much. I'm devoted to this dream and sharing my story in a big way, and I have this "all in" or "go big or go home!" mentality about it.

    What do you all think? What else would I have to do to maximize my chance at sales? I was thinking of just selling it through my personal website primarily using something like Gumroad (or shopify, magento, etc.).
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