[QUOTE=fihr;8559831]I hope I didn't imply you shouldn't be paid! It's just that for me, at least, short stories are highly unlikely to ever bring in enough to make a living off, so that's not my motivation in writing them. However - I also don't believe in giving away my work for nothing. The only exception would be for a charitable cause.<snipped>

Fihr -- I enjoy your perspective. No, I didn't think you were implying I should be sending out freebies. I'm just clarifying my priorities. Short stories are only part of the picture. I decided to start back with them because they are less time-consuming to edit and market, and I had the idea that getting more pro credits might improve my prospects of selling my novels.
Until May, when I went on this fiction-resurrection flurry, I'd submitted one story and one novel once each in the past several years.
There isn't much comparison between NF and fiction, although I'm working on using the business skills I developed with NF to persist with fiction and detach.
I have some completed novel drafts and another in progress, a completed novella draft and a second in progress, and I'm working step by step on getting it all out of here.

I want to give this a serious shot. Given that the fiction enterprise is operating at loss, I'm looking for ways to improve my results, in the interest of maintaining heart. If I hadn't made fiction sales in the past and had three stories shortlisted at pro markets this year, I'd be even more concerned.

Yes, I hope we're not going to run across some jinx of being tempted by a non-paying market now.