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Thread: Another thread on cauterizing wounds

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    Another thread on cauterizing wounds

    Yes, I am well aware that cauterizing wounds usually does more harm than good. It increases the risk of infection and doesn't even work a lot of the time. BUT Tiana doesn't know all that. She's a firekin, so she can heat up her pinkie red-hot and trace it along the edge of a wound, and that was the first solution that popped into her head.

    Her best friend Gianni is injured. He's a healer, but he's currently drifting in and out of consciousness, so he can't tell her how to treat his wounds. Her school gave a brief lecture on cautery when she was a kid, so she figures her only option is to use her power to (try to) help. I know cautery isn't the best solution, so that's why I wanna know how it would REALLY affect these wounds.

    1: 2 inch long cut across right jaw down to the bone.

    2: Stab wound in left shoulder, about 2 inches deep and 1 1/2 inches in diameter.

    3: A an upside-down U-shaped 8 inch long gash on his right bicep. The flap of skin is hanging down and exposing muscle.

    4: A similar wound on his left inner thigh, but it's a regular U-shape, not upside-down. I think these would be considered avulsions.

    5: A stab wound 2 inches above his right knee (the guy was trying to get at his groin but kept missing) about as big as the stab wound in his shoulder.

    6: An 8 inch long horizontal gash on the left side of his lower abdomen. About half an inch deep.

    Like I said, I know cautery isn't the best idea, but Tiana doesn't know that. If it would seal a particular wound, that's what I'll have happen. If it won't work, and the blood will just keep coming, she'll freak out and try to find another solution. Luckily, Gianni is an elf, so I have a bit of leeway on how much crap he can survive.
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