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Asking for someone else. They say there is an open call for Talos publishing, a subsidiary of Skyhorse Publishing, which is a sub of Arcadia Publishing group. Talos is asking for the usual, plus of query letter, a 1 to 2 page synopsis, and a sample chapter or two. No problem so for until this...
Market analysis, including research on competitive titles
To me, competitive titles is subjective and its the publishers job to analysis competitive books before they buy the manuscript. Does this sound right to anyone? Does anyone know anything about Talos Publishing and their reputation...
I'm not familiar with Talos Press itself, but Skyhorse is a reasonably reputable publisher. I also don't think their asking for a market analysis is a huge red flag, though it's certainly more common for nonfiction than fiction. Yes, the publisher should be familiar with the market and what's selling (and what isn't), but since you know your book better than anyone, they want you to tell them which shelf it would go on and what books it's most like. BookScan can be helpful for figuring this out, since you want to mention comp titles that have sold well enough to catch a publisher's eye but also aren't the huge best-sellers (since calling your book the next, say, Harry Potter comes off as amateurish and almost certainly isn't true).

Hope that helps!