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Thread: Good for now, thank you! Seeking betas for EFFIN' ALBERT - suspense

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    Good for now, thank you! Seeking betas for EFFIN' ALBERT - suspense

    I think I am set for first/second drafts. Thank you very kindly.

    I'm looking for beta readers for EFFIN' ALBERT, adult suspense, 71K. Told from a 12 y/o boy's POV. If anybody is interested please p.m. me. Thank you so much.

    ETA, some excerpts are posted in Mystery/Thriller/Suspense SYW, to give you some idea of the voice, style, etc. Thank you very much.
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    From my WIP:
    Eric squeezed his eyes shut to block out the vision. When that didnít work, he imagined putting Benjamin Franklinís words in a box with a snap-on lid but his hands were shaking so bad and he couldnít get the lid off, couldnít getó
    Listen carefully, boy, Benjamin Franklin said. Are you listening to me?
    Eric tried opening The Room With The Black Door, tried and tried but his stupid hands wouldnít work the knob.
    Eric slowly raised his head. Benjamin Franklin's strong hands squeezed Ericís shoulders, squeezed hard enough to hurt and then the great man leaned in and spoke the warning only Eric could hear.
    Three may keep a secret, he whispered, if two of them are dead.

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