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That's the biggest red flag for me. She has yet to take actual responsibility for what happened in any of those responses. Not once has she admitted fault or said "I screwed up." And there's no indication that she'll sit down with next months LSI deposit and disburse those royalties properly. I would bet money, more money than I'd contribute to this campaign, that won't be happening.
Honestly, I can understand it seeming complicated in the case of anthologies. I'm not defending what she did here, I'm just saying I can understand it feeling complicated.

In many cases, very small publishers don't pay advances. If that's the case, then ANY money coming in will be payable when the royalty sum comes in.

So, 16 copies x 14.95 (remember, this is mostly print trade pb) x 7.5% = $17.94. Write a check and you're done.

But if those 16 books are an anthology where you've paid 1 cent a word advances to some writers (and maybe more to others plus some fee to the editor), then you've got to figure out if it had earned out its advance. And if it has, then you have to divide that $17.94 between those authors by whatever means you're using.

If you don't have a fancy royalty accounting system for it, then keeping a spreadsheet per book may be workable.

If that seems too complicated, maybe she shouldn't have published 13 anthologies....