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In writing, English isn't a very phonetically-rendered language. What you might consider as a "pronunciation" guide for Boston, Massachusetts, wouldn't work very well for Lubbock, Texas...
Excellent point. I was going to suggest that if the book contained a glossary it might be appropriate to add a pron. guide next to the definition, dictionary-style. But after reading blacbird's post I recalled the phonetic guides that are included in the AWAD email newsletters which are written by a New Yorker: as a speaker of British English they often make no sense to me, generally substituting 'oh' for 'ah', to give a simple example.

You could get around this problem to some extent by using proper phonemes, but that would rather defeat the point of making the terms more accessible to a wider range or readers as they would all first have to know and understand phonemes!

Caught in a cleft stick, as they say.