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Yeah, I saw your book in my Bookbub email, and I'm insanely jealous. I'd love to hear how you did. : )
It actually bombed by Bookbub standards. They said the average number of downloads to expect was 2,200 and I'll be lucky to hit about 1,000 when all the numbers are in. Could be a Saturday in June, could be the book which I've always struggled to sell compared to other titles, could be a shift in the Bookbub demographic, could be that it had an international deal six months ago, I don't know. But it was not pretty.

Of course, it was still 1,000 sales, I did make it on to the top 100 authors in Teen Fantasy and at least as high as #81 which put me above Orson Scott Card for a moment, and I'll probably breakeven over the next day or so with sellthrough to the other books in the series. So as sad and pathetic as it was compared to what I was hoping for, it was still a successful promo for me and still a thousand sales which is a darned fine number.

And other good news is I feel no pressing need to go write another fantasy novel right now and divert from the cozies which sell much better and get a much better reaction from readers and are cheaper and easier to produce. But fantasy was my first love so it makes me sad to see this book just never quite do as well as I want it to. I suspect if/when I do go back to fantasy I'll be levels of magnitude better because I will (a) ignore what people think my stories should do, something which messed with how I wrote the romantic subplot in that book and (b) I'll just have that much more writing/storytelling experience to bring to the table. I'm still not quite at the point though where I can keep all the SFF opinions out of my writing, so non-fiction and cozies and the occasional romance it is for now.