I've had this idea churning in my head for a long while now. It planted a seed in my brain when my mom finally found her birth father and dragged me along with her to go to New Orleans to meet him and his family. I stayed in the French Quarter in a hotel only a few blocks over from the world famous Bourbon Street. Took about a million pictures in the span of three days. Of course, there were the tourist shops called "Voodoo This" or "Voodoo That" that I passed by and sparked my interest. But I never entered them.

I've always been intrigued by Voodoo (New Orleans and Haitian) and Hoodoo. In the myths about them and the actual facts. Now that I know I have a family history spanning back a long time in New Orleans, I really want to write involving it. However, my ideas are more based on bastardization of it in American culture even as I try to incorporate as much real history and facts into the story about them. Voodoo dolls, snake worship, evil spirits, bad luck, spirit summoning, etc.

This is would be a paranormal story. So I would be concentrating on the magical elements of Voodoo and Hoodoo. However, would that be a backhanded slap to those who consider Voodoo (New Orleans and Haitian) and Hoodoo a religion? I want to get my facts right and incorporate true elements of these religions with magical elements.

Orginially, I thought to myself that no it wouldn't be. I considered the stories of angel and demons of Christian mythology in popular books right now as an example of something similar of what I am trying to do. However, now I am not so sure ...