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Thread: Seeking Beta for YA Sci-Fi (starship based)

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    Seeking Beta for YA Sci-Fi (starship based)

    UPDATE: Currently Querying! Stay Tuned -- may need betas for revisions!

    I'm looking for first-round betas interested in providing big-picture crits (and of course any other feedback you're willing to!) for my new YA Science Fiction manuscript.

    Here are the deets:
    *apologies in advance, my pitches still need work*

    FARLIGHT is a YA SF set on a generational starship en-route to New Earth. It is complete (but too long, lol) at 102K words.


    16 year old Violet Everman is a cyborg beekeeper on board a starship to New Earth. When supplies start to go missing she must find out who's responsible before the ship goes critical.


    Reluctant beekeeper Violet Everman is only cyborg on the outside. But no one seems to remember that. They can’t see past the silver skin and the ultraviolet-honed eyes to see the girl inside. That’s okay. She prefers it that way.

    On a closed-loop, non-stop starship hurtling forward at one-third light speed, life is serious business. Violet doesn’t have time for other people.

    When an attempt to track down her newly split hive of bees leads Violet to a secret chamber, she meets Act – cute, charming, not wholly opposed to silver girls. The problem is she’s never met him before and on a ship of under 6000, that’s impossible. Together they uncover the shocking truth: they are not alone. What they’d thought was the entire starship is actually just one arm of it. Act is from one arm, she’s from another. And there are four more.

    They are all just redundancies. Backups in case another arm fails to survive the journey.

    After a narrow escape from the chamber that nearly entombs them forever with their secret, they return to Violet’s arm of the starship. In the turmoil that follows, despite her rule never to let herself have feelings for anyone, she starts falling for Act.

    But then critical supplies start to go missing. On a starship halfway through its 500 year journey to colonize a New Earth, there’s no place to refuel or restock. Diminishing supplies could mean death for them all.

    And it looks as if the only boy she ever cared about is to blame.


    The manuscript has been edited by me, but has not seen betas, which is why I'm primarily looking for big-picture crits at this point rather than the nitty-gritty. However, I'm always happy for any and all feedback!

    If this sounds like something you'd be interested in betaing, either in round one or later rounds, PM me!

    Unfortunately, due to time restraints and needing to finish my dissertation by December, I can't do beta swaps right away. BUT, I could do a delayed exchange and beta for ya in early 2014!!
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