I've had this idea in my head to write a book about a certain species of aquarium snail. Before you say 'what?', let me explain that they're fairly popular and there's not a lot of reliable information on the internet about them. I truly believe they'd be more popular if more was known about their care. There's only one book from 1996 which gets mediocre reviews at best. l do think there's a specific market that would buy the book.

I have quite a bit of experience with them, but I don't have any scientific credentials. In addition to general care, I would want to delve into anatomy and physiology, water chemistry, shell composition, etc. - subjects that are pertinent but which I don't have the credentials to explain in detail.

So let's say I was able to find a biologist or malacologist that would be willing to contribute to the book. Would they be a co-writer? Would I have to get a lawyer and negotiate a profit percentage? How would all that work?

Also, how would I go about finding such an expert if I didn't know anyone personally?