I'm looking for a beta reader, or two Unfortunately, I am unable to swap because I am in the middle of writing 2 other novels at the moment.

Genre: erotic contemporary romance
Category: adult
Word Count: 30,660

The story doesn't have a title yet. It is about an almost 40 year old woman who is divorced and single. Her parents pass away and she is left their home, but unfortunately doesn't have enough money to upkeep the old victorian because she lost her job. She rents rooms out to 4 college guys and that's when all the fun begins lol ;-) She never expects to fall for one of them and when he wants a real relationship with her, the 20 year age difference is a huge obstacle.

I'm looking for honest feedback on storyline, plot and character development. I plan on self publishing this story and will have it professionally copy edited and proofread so I do not expect you to do that.

I'm looking for a turn around time of two weeks.

*Warning, this story is erotic. It contains multiple sex scenes, some with multiple partners. I use explicit language and my sex scenes are described in great detail.

My ideal beta would be someone who reads erotica and loves a steamy romance.

Please contact me if you are interested, thanks!