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Thread: A few guidelines before we break out the party hats.

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    A few guidelines before we break out the party hats.

    This is a pretty laid back board.
    We're here so that members can receive cheering on with their goals, and celebrate their accomplishments.

    But we do have a few rules.

    Rule 1: RYFW. This is always rule one. We're not here to critique or argue. There are other parts of AW for that. If you don't agree with someone's goal, don't post. If you're troubled about a post report it, but don't break the flow of praise and smilies with objecting posts.

    Remember this section of the board is public, so post goals you don't mind people finding out about.

    1. We're here to sing your praises not drive traffic your way. Post a link to published works or to a web page you've made if you like, but do so only once. Don't come back and bump your old threads with little changes and announcements.

    2. Please don't double post.

    We have some overlap with the Conquering Challenges board and the Announcements, Events, and Book Promotion board.

    Please do not double post here and in either of these boards. In choosing which board to post to, read the stickies of the boards and give some thought to which works best for your purposes and the stated purpose of the board.

    If your goals need only moral support and occasional go to its, post here. If they need serious thought and suggestions please post in Conquering Challenges.

    If you wish congratulations for your accomplishments, post here. If you are trying to promote your published writings, please post in Announcements, Events, and Book Promotion.
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