The role of the agent in every industry be it travel, property, retail and publishing is changing and eroding. I am not scared to predict that in not so many years. The only publishers will be Amazon,Google,Apple and one or two more yet to be invented. There is simply no need.

People wax nostalgic for the feel of a paper book in their hands but those people will be fewer and fewer. They will die and become converted. The element of mystery about what publishers do will become eroded. They are no longer needed and they know it, or at least the clever ones do.

You published on Kindle, I published in IPad and any of the 7 Billion people in the world can buy our books in 2 seconds and for cheap.

The one element where we still struggle is that marketing costs money and needs know how. Unless we are supremely confident we are not going to mortgage the house for a billboard on Times Square. We probably will not get invited to Oprah to discuss our work.

There are ways of getting around it as you say Twitter and Facebook but it is not easy. We have to be clever and find a way. I know there is one just got to find it.