I thought I should open a thread for Moonstone Books in case anyone wants to share experiences about them.


One of my friends is having difficulty contacting them about a story that's been in limbo since 2012. She turned it in but hasn't heard from them since. I don't know if they've paid for it or not.

Granted, it's WorldCon and DragonCon weekend and they might be busy at either of them, but that doesn't excuse their not replying to repeated emails sent over the previous months.

If someone with better Google fu can turn up an actual street address and phone number for them, she might find it of help.

I've dealt with them some years ago. They turn out excellent comics and graphic works, but their business side is in need of a boot in the butt.

They have a nice corner in a niche market, but I was not impressed by the level of editing in their books. Typos and sloppy writing in some of the stories did not reflect well on them at the time. A couple of the stories were outright awful and should never have been accepted, but perhaps that editor was desperate to fill pages and not too picky. I hope things have improved in recent years. It is disrespectful to readers to serve up crap next to the gems.

The contract I got was a single work-for-hire story set in someone else's universe (they had permission). I got paid in a timely way, but apparently get zilch for any reprints.