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Thread: Orton, Jeff

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    Orton, Jeff

    Title: A Guardian of Innocents
    Author(s): Jeff Orton
    Publication Date: June 17, 2010
    Publisher: Self
    Format: ebook
    ISBN: 9781452405704
    Price: $0.99 at Amazon (sometimes free) and absolutely free everywhere else.

    Logline: Quiet and withdrawn, Jeshua felt his life had no purpose—that was until he killed his father. Jack, a serial child molester, was unaware of his son’s ability to read minds. He had no idea his son, once his favorite prey, could see the sick fantasies lurching around inside his head . . . or his plans to abduct, rape and strangle another child.

    As Jeshua is fleeing the scene of Jack’s murder, he rouses the attention of a mysterious apparition. As the years pass, this same figure appears each time he slays another sex offender. Jeshua doesn’t know if he can trust this spirit, even though he has come to his aid on multiple occasions. His wariness is affirmed when the apparition interferes with the rescue of a young girl, a gifted psychic who holds the power to change the course of Jeshua’s dark and lonely existence.

    Links: Amazon, Smashwords
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