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The 'elephant in the room' is of UK origin and the wikki on it covers it well. It is used by Richard Dawkins as the punchline for the introduction to the video 'Root of all evil?' Episode one is on U tube, it's the first few minutes.

The term has been used by all the psycs i know in relation to ethics, as seen in the links below.

The connection between PTSD and religious instruction is also below, but the references are controversial. I did discuss an experiment some years ago using 'Measures of religiosity' and placebo etc. just to see what sort of reaction would come out, but it was obvious that I'd get trodden on by the elephant before I could get funding, so I left it at that.

There is a lot here, and it is heavy reading.

The sentiment to “not undermine the faith” having precedence over mental health still exists, though it has been qualified to some extent. There is a story here if someone wants to write a psych thriller. The ‘religious elephant’ on the ethics committee is standing ready to swing into action against any practitioner who shows a tendency to ‘undermine the faith’ but no-one talks about that professionally. Since there are a lot of mental health practitioners with religious backgrounds, this is not hard to implement.

See also the Knights of Columbus, below.

Lots of noise too. Useful background perhaps?
What the scientists are up to.

Now the hard copy,

FAA –H-8083-9A Aviation instructor’s handbook. P 1/5 Theory X is the ‘Child of God’ model. Theory Y is the rational adult model. P1-6 Human factors that inhibit learning. ‘Compensation’ applies to religious beliefs, the compensating factor being built on repeated praise of ‘being strong in one’s faith.’ See Freud, defense of ego 1894.

Reaction formation can be orchestrated by seeking forgiveness from God. May be a key element in Catholic psycho-sexual development, which I’m still looking at.

Marieb. N Human anatomy and physiology. 5th edition Benjamin Cummings 2001.

P493, 615. Mechanisms. Traditionally the CNS and endocrine system are treated separately with minimal mention of their interactions. This is where a background in engineering process control helps, since the forward and backward control paths can be put together to look at a human system response.

Teehan, John. In the name of God. The evolutionary origins of religious ethics and violence. Wiley Blackwell, 2010.

This is heavy going. The presentation of humanism as controversial within the United States is discussed on p217-218. He cites Gintis et al 2003 (p153) with relation to a dual cognitive system in humans. This is what allows the human mind to work with abstract concepts, such as mathematics, theoretical physics and supernatural entities as if they are real. Linking back to the section on synthetic flight simulators in FAA –H-8083-9A and the qualifying requirements for synthetic training shows how well developed this capability is. The purely abstract can be a problem, as seen with the loss of Air France Flight 447. (no basic airmanship)

The elephant’s teeth, as it were;

‘One social issue that has received considerable attention over the past several years has been the question of religious institutions that have either certain preferences (based on religion) for selecting students or faculty or specific exclusions based on religion. Historically, the courts have granted special privileges to religious institutions and have held that they are exempt from the civil rights act that prohibits discrimination on the basis of religion.’

Sales, Bruce Dennis. The professional psychologist’s handbook. Plenum Press 1983. P211. This is the only mention of religion listed in the index. These precedents will stand until something (a specific ruling by a higher court in that heirachy or legislation) overturns them.

The past is more colorful;

‘When H.R. Trevor-Roper remarked in The last days of Hitler that Jesuits created a system of education aimed at preventing knowledge,” the New York Knights of Columbus “on behalf of 80,000 Knights of Columbus in the state” wrote to the publishers: “We feel that the Macmillan Company, as the publisher of this volume, is an accessory in this vicious attack against the Jesuits, and we request that you withdraw this book from sale until you have removed from its pages the vile attack which Mr. Trevor-Roper makes against the Jesuits.”

The reference given is Catholic News, October 4 1947.

Blanshard, Paul. American freedom and Catholic power. Beacon 1950. P187.

It would seem from discussion elsewhere on AW, that the Knights of Columbus may now be extinct, but I’ll leave that up the gentlemen in question to confirm.