If you didn't already know, let us tell you

Our main chat channel, #absolutewrite (also known as AW chat) is muted when there are no chat ops present -- that is, you won't be able to post. This is to prevent chatters from being harassed by passing trolls when ops aren't around to moderate.

If you arrive in AW chat and don't see any ops (indicated by @ or a green light alongside their nicks, depending on your IRC software) and the window doesn't respond to your posts, then what do you do?

A while back one of our ops (that would be me, the friendly and super approachable 10trackers) picked up ownership of another chat channel, #thewriterscircle (aka TWC) -- which is open 24/7, i.e. it isn't muted when ops aren't present. When the last chat op is leaving AW chat and has to mute the channel, chatters will usually be directed to use TWC in the interim, until other chat ops arrive and unmute AW chat.

Alas you take your chances in TWC, trolls may visit, you may find yourself hit with stuff like A/S/L queries or worse, which are disallowed in AW chat.*

A few AW chat ops are also TWC chat ops, this is more by coincidence than design, but if you have any questions then ops in either channel should be able to answer them, or pass them on to someone who will know the answer.

In a nutshell, we advise you to use AW chat (#absolutewrite) when ops are present, but if AW chat is muted and you can't post, you may find regular AW chatters hanging around TWC (#thewriterscircle) so feel free to visit there instead. And if you have questions about TWC, feel free to PM me

* Note, this isn't an attempt to "control" conversation, we are not The Man, we are not censors -- just like the AW board, our policy is to maintain a "safe haven" environment for AW chat members.

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