Except this guy is NOT a historian:

Aslan does have four degrees: a 1995 B.A. in religion from Santa Clara University, where he was Phi Beta Kappa and wrote his senior thesis on “The Messianic Secret in the Gospel of Mark”; a 1999 Master of Theological Studies from Harvard; a 2002 Master of Fine Arts in Fiction from the University of Iowa; and a 2009 Ph.D. in sociology from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

None of these degrees are in history, so Aslan’s repeated claims that he has “a Ph.D. in the history of religions” and that he is “a historian” are false. Nor is “professor of religions” what he does “for a living.” He is an associate professor in the Creative Writing program at the University of California, Riverside, where his terminal MFA in fiction from Iowa is his relevant academic credential.

So it seems he is a very good creative writer, a sociologist and has studied religion. Sounds like the perfect guy to go out and slander a religion to me.

And yes, I figure I have just punched my ticket to get banned from this site but to tell the truth this site's usefulness pretty much ran out after we found out the so-called "owner" of this site is really a sock-puppet of a long-time member here.

Been fun kids.