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Thread: Trade Publications/Resources

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    Trade Publications/Resources

    Here are some of the biggest trade mags in the pet industry. They are read by food manufacturers (dog, cat, bird, ferret, fish, you name it), pet breeders, retailers, cage, aquarium, and other enclosure manufacturers, groomers, and many more. If a company or individual is involved with the pet industry, then they are likely to read the trades. Here are the web site addresses to some pet trade magazines that work with freelancers.

    Pet Age
    Home page:
    Contact page:

    Pet Business
    Home page:
    Contact page:

    Pet Product News
    Home page:
    Writer's guidelines contact page:

    If you are a photographer, be sure to request the photo guidelines, too.


    Resource: AVMA Press Room

    Need an interview with an expert? Check out the web site of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Here's where you can get media contact info for hundreds of veterinary organizations/institutions. Just be patient--they're busy folks and can't always respond quickly. Excellent resource for anyone who writes about animals.


    Here are some market ideas. As always, contact any publication that interests you before sending articles or queries. Good luck!

    Contractor tools; free trade magazines

    Sign up for free trade magazines related to the pet industry. This page opens to veterinary pubs.



    Petfood Industry Online

    Looks like you have to register to read the newsletter, but I prowled around a bit and it appears that they cover all sorts of different pet foods/pet food manufacturing; a monthly publication.


    Pet Dog and Cat Groomer Information; Menus for the Grooming Industry

    Web site addresses and contact info for a handful of grooming industry publications.


    WWPIA--World Wide Pet Industry Association

    Links to all sorts of pet publications, manufacturers, hobbyist clubs, rescues, and a whole lot more; international companies. Enough links to keep you busy for a while!


    Indulge Your Pets

    This site includes links to pet trade mags, product reviews, message boards, breed info and more. It seems to focus on dogs, cats and horses, but some other pets are mentioned on the message boards, as well. Looks like a good place to get article ideas, potential markets, etc.
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