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Thread: Publishing Diary: First Year Sales

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    Publishing Diary: First Year Sales

    Well, it’s been almost exactly a year and I thought it was high time to have a go at one of these diary things. It’s taken me a while, because I’ll admit I found this place a bit disconcerting when I first joined and it has taken me a while to feel like I ‘fit in’. But now I feel confident enough to share my experience.

    Anyway, I really hope this post helps people. I’m generally pretty honest about sales and what I’ve tried, and just in general really.

    I’ve had bad months and good months. I’ve used all the social media stuff that’s available and tried just about every avenue available for a self-published author. But, this is probably pretty boring for those of you who want to nosy at sales. So, here you go!

    Quick timeline breakdown:

    7th August 2012 release The Blemished
    27th (I think) January 2013 release The Vanished
    3rd Feb 2013 reduce The Blemished to 0.99 and send out Bookbub advert
    end of March settle all books at 2.99 and $2.99
    March 2013 release Fractured Novella Elena for 0.99 and run free promo for 2 days
    May 2013 release Fractured Novella Maggie for 0.99
    21st July release The Unleashed for 2.99
    25th July-30th July reduce price of The Blemished and run a bookblast promo coupled with a Facebook advert and a few cheap spots on indie-book websites

    Total sales to date: 5419

    I'll split the rest of my spreadsheets into the next few posts. I think the images are sized okay, but let me know if they need to be smaller. If I make them much smaller you might not be able to read it so I might have to type them out instead. Or just provide a summary.
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