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Thread: Using "crap" and "damn" in an MG novel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeneBWell View Post
    First of all I'd love to pre-order your book since an original English magical girl series sounds awesome.
    Awww, thanks. They do exist, though:

    Quote Originally Posted by GeneBWell View Post
    Though I don't think MG books have to be short. The last 2 MG books I read have been 400+ pages.
    Wow. That sounds like about the expected length of the one full-length novel that I'm currently writing (I'm about 40,000 words into an expected 100,000-word length), but that's meant to follow three characters through an entire year of their lives as they deal with work, family life, and spirituality, so I have plenty of material to work with.

    With this magical-girl series, I view it as more episodic in nature (there's no one particular antagonist / "main bad guy" for them to deal with; it takes more of a "confront evil wherever we find it" approach, which sidesteps the issue of why the bad guys keep attacking someone within walking distance of the heroes), each possibly dealing with a problem or two and taking place within a relatively short amount of time. Also, all of my stories are protagonist-centric, so I don't cut away to scenes with the villains (I generally find villain scenes boring to write). The reader confronts them alongside the heroes. All of this kind of limits the length of an individual story. Fortunately, I have five protagonists, each of which has one parent, and they're all getting used to new living situations, so that should give me enough material to work with, even if I'm avoiding some of the tropes, such as crushes on guys (the girls are all involved with each other) and fitting in in school (all except one of them don't care about popularity).

    Quote Originally Posted by GeneBWell View Post
    I like the concept of creative swears. Even adult books like The WHEEL OF TIME series does this with 'blood and ashes!' In my cooking fantasy MG novel they use 'jam!' or 'jam it all to jelly!' if they're really upset. I think using creativity here could put some good voice into the novel while still having the same dramatic weight of a normal swear. Just my .02
    I do have some of that in addition to the normal curses (the latter of which is usually followed by an admonishment by one of the parents, which is usually followed by a "Whaaat?" or "Sooorry" by the girl). The girls are into fairies, so they sometimes make fairy-related puns, but this has also extended into fairy-related "cursing".
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