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Thread: Where to even start?

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    Where to even start?

    I gave up art 15 years ago because, long story, gimpy. Because I'm no longer gimpy I'd love to get back into it again, but I have no idea where to start. I tried Googling but I know too little to even separate the wheat from the chaff.

    I'm interested in drawing and (once I get good enough at it) painting. I did some drawing from like, anatomy sketchbooks and stuff, and it was good (my Real Artist hubby said so) but it's a far cry from drawing real live people. When I tried the latter, my perspective was a mess.

    Also, how does one get better at creating things, as opposed to rendering from photographs or whatever? Is this pure 100% creative talent or does it come with time and experience and seeing the world with different eyes?

    I know the obvious answer is to take classes but I'd like to be halfway decent before I try that, lest my terrible self-consciousness send me into a tailspin. And I detest the paint-by-numbers stuff.

    I'd like to do figures, portraits, landscapes, and architecture (not designing buildings but painting them). Start with pastels and watercolors maybe, work my way up to oil, acrylic, or tempera? Is this wayyy too ambitious? What are some good (ideally cheap) resources?

    Oh, and what are art "schools" or "methodologies" or whatever?

    I hope this isn't way too newbie-ish of a question to ask here, because I feel rather stoopid already after typing this. My hubby/in-laws don't even know because they've been literally immersed in art their whole lives.
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