Conventions are an integral part of the global SFF community, and a great place to meet fellow AWers and/or attend panels about topics relevant to us as writers and fans. And, you know, have loads of fun. So, it seems a good idea to have a sticky thread for 'em.

This is a good spot to let us know about upcoming conventions and where to get more info about them. If you are attending and want to let other AWers know, here's a good place to do it!

Please, though, keep convention blurbs brief (links to con websites are a better way to direct people at detailed info), and remember that this is *not* a space for self-promotion. If you're going to be on programming, feel free to mention that, but please no schedules, etc. Also, this is not a place to post about single-author or closed events. If you're not sure if something is appropriate, PM one of the room mods.

Thanks, and hope to see you around!