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Thread: The Hook and Review Game

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    The Hook and Review Game

    This is game is inspired by the "Hook me in 200 words or less" threads in the genre forums and is meant as an exercise for hooking readers for each scene you write.

    Here is how it works:
    You write an opening to a scene in less than 200 words in which you try to make a reader hunger for more, if there was more to read.
    Then you review the hook of the poster before you. In your review you say whether or not you feel hooked and why or why not.
    If you don't feel comfortable with posting a hook of your own you can also stick to just reviewing the hooks of others.

    Rules for hook writing a hook:
    * 200 words or less
    * Must be original work for this thread specifically, no WIP
    * It must be all your own work, no fan-fiction
    * Clean up your hook before posting it
    * If you want to post a hook you must review at least one hook of someone else

    Rules for reviewing:
    * You must at least review the hook of the last person to post one
    * You can review more than one hook
    * You can't review your own hooks
    * You don't have to post a hook yourself, if you rather stick to reviewing.

    I'll start with a hook and I will review the hook of the first person to post one after me.


    No way. No way! Simone slammed door of the car shut. She had been on this road for hours and now this. In front of her was a ravine which stretched to either side as far she could see. Rapids roared below. She could just make out the other side.
    Should she go back? Would it be save now? He hadn't followed her when she had turned into this little dirt road. He might have given up and left. Ha! What stupid thought. He was completely insane. He would never give up. He would keep driving around the point where he lost her and eventually he would come down this road. He might already be on it.
    She could not go back. That much was clear. She couldn't hide either. He never left the house without that horrible dog. She walked to the edge and looked down. A wave of dizziness washed over her and she sank to her knees. Damn, that's high. What about the car?
    She walked to the trunk. The metal was warm under her hands. Here it goes. She pushed with all her might. The car lowered beneath her weight, but remained in place.

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