From an article on thinreads:

There were other reasons I kept on the story too: I'd been wanting to write a nonfiction piece with a strong female character at its center.
But one of the reasons I love nonfiction narratives is that they are forced to confront life's ambiguities.

This interview - and the two quotes above - brought one of my pet peeves about nonfiction writers to the forefront: When we refer to people as "characters" and their lives as "stories" and "narratives."

I know that's how we talk, just a kind of shorthand. But I still wince every time I see or hear it, because it sounds so cold and callous, like we're more focused on writing than on the reality underneath. I hate it, even though I've done it myself.

Thoughts? Discussion? Is it a big deal or not? Am I too sensitive and touchy-feely? Are there other terms we can use?