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Thread: Rate-a-Poem: From the House of Yemanjá

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    Rate-a-Poem: From the House of Yemanjá


    From the House of Yemanjá

    My mother had two faces and a frying pot
    where she cooked up her daughters
    into girls
    before she fixed our dinner.
    My mother had two faces
    and a broken pot
    where she hid out a perfect daughter
    who was not me
    I am the sun and moon and forever hungry
    for her eyes.

    I bear two women upon my back
    one dark and rich and hidden
    in the ivory hungers of the other
    pale as a witch
    yet steady and familiar
    brings me bread and terror
    in my sleep
    her breasts are huge exciting anchors
    in the midnight storm.

    All this has been
    in my mother's bed
    time has no sense
    I have no brothers
    and my sisters are cruel.

    Mother I need
    mother I need
    mother I need your blackness now
    as the august earth needs rain.
    I am
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