I was too busy focusing all my energy into my WIP, I kind of got left behind in the "road toward publication".

Is it really that bad? I've read a few blog posts about people getting the short end of the stick. Like, publishers (the big boys, usually) will have certain clauses in their contract that can ruin your entire writing career.

But they say something like, unless you have what they want they will strip you everything what you are. I'm assuming, if the story doesn't seem likely to be a best seller, then, they will butcher you. If you happen to be the next Rowling/King/Sanderson/etc, they'll take good care of you?

If things are really this bad, then is it really is important to build a large "Clout" first?

Here's one of few blogs I've read that really shook me up.


Thanks in advance for the clarifications.