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Thread: RESULTS: St. William's Valentine's Day Poetry Contest

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    Exclamation RESULTS: St. William's Valentine's Day Poetry Contest

    NOTE: The Contest Thread is now updated with the authors credited for their work.

    Hi all:

    Thank you all for sharing your work. The entries are well-written, and there are examples of a lot of formal styles, but there's also some interesting experimentation, some profound turns-of-phrase and a great deal of genuine emotion, expressed with respect for the reader and a sense of pride and discipline in one's work.

    You should all be proud.

    However, we had a lot of entries and not a whole lot of votes, so unfortunately some entries did not receive any votes. These are listed below as Honorable Mentions. A cynic would say that's just a nice way of saying you got no votes, but I mean it when I say there are no losers. The very act of writing it made you a better writer, whether you realize it or not.

    So, with that, let's go to the results.

    Congratulations to our Winner with 6 Votes:

    Entry #34: Adultery by Cassie88

    Second Place with 4 Votes:

    Entry #27: Sunrise by Yeshanu

    Tied for Third Place with 3 Votes:

    Entry #9: A Mother's Mementoes by rhymegirl
    Entry #28: Dear Author by Yeshanu

    Tied for Fourth Place with 2 Votes:

    Entry #38: Beginnings by dahmnait
    Entry #39: Why Men Dance by brokenfingers
    Entry #31: Goodbye by poetinahat
    Entry #23: Captive Love by rekirts
    Entry #20: WHY by pb10220
    Entry #17: Imo Pectore by robeiae
    Entry #14: Lover's Gifts by Perks
    Entry #5: More Than a Room Apart by NeuroFizz
    Entry #1: I Dream of You in Ways Like This by Cassie88

    Tied for Fifth Place with 1 Vote:

    Entry #2: On Falling (In Love and Otherwise) by EveningsDawn
    Entry #6: Parallel Waves by PattiTheWicked
    Entry #7: A Small Gift by oneovu
    Entry #12: A pain like no other by Jo~
    Entry #16: Polished Stones by sarah s
    Entry #19: You left by maestrowork
    Entry #24: Truth by Lizabeth023
    Entry #32: Sometimes by johnnysannie
    Entry #35: the turn by tiny terror
    Entry #36: Postmortem by mkcbunny
    Entry #37: reverie by dahmnait
    Entry #40: Until by Unique

    Honorable Mention:

    Entry #3: A Most Subtle Touch of Blue by louisgodwin
    Entry #4: A Midwinter Night's Coke by trumancoyote
    Entry #8: The Streets sherri234
    Entry #10: Lovesick by rhymegirl
    Entry #11: Eternal Blossom by Jo~
    Entry #13: A Taste by PrettySpecialGal
    Entry #15: But I by sarah s
    Entry #18: Song of a Summer Lost by maestrowork
    Entry #21: by God’s Wounds by Paint
    Entry #22: The Hero and the Maiden by rekirts
    Entry #25: love response to DeDe, in the voice of woman by kdnxdr
    Entry #26: Makin' Love by Yeshanu
    Entry #29: Love Remained by D.J.
    Entry #30: Love's Vessel by kdnxdr
    Entry #33: Tribute by Schwebb

    Last edited by William Haskins; 02-15-2006 at 06:57 AM.

    Thorn Forest: A Gift for AW

    My poems on Twitter. Please proceed in an orderly fashion.

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