Hi, ladies & gents!

I've been thinking of cleaning up the first page of this forum. While the sticky threads are useful and I know that a lot of new members are finding value in them, they are sort of cluttering up the first page. I'd like to sticky some other things, but don't want to lose the whole first page to them. I'd originally considered merging my lecture series into one thread, but the comments on each thread would wind up scattered amongst the four in chronological order. There's no way to keep them together per original thread and that would be really confusing. So, which would you prefer to see:

1. Sticky the first lecture (genres), and edit to add a "Go to Lecture #2" at the bottom, with a "Go to Lecture #3" at the bottom of #2, and so on.

2. Sticky the first lecture and edit to add all four links on all four lectures.

3. Leave the lectures alone and drop one or more the other stickies (Formatting, Where to Sell your Books, Glossary of Terms).

4. Leave it the *#@% alone. It's just fine...

Thoughts? Opinions?